January Kabuki at National Theatre

The Golden Shachihoko Ornaments Glittering in the Rising Sun.

A very well-made entertainment.  I'd love to see Sagi-musume by Baishi, and Fuji-musume by Ukon in a very near future.

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December Grand Kabuki, Evening Show

HIKIMADO【The Skylight】
This is one act of a long play about sumo wrestlers and the rivalries of their patrons originally written for the puppet theater. This particular act focuses on the tragedy of commoners caught between their duty and their feelings toward their loved ones. A sumo wrestler has killed a man and takes refuge at the home of his mother. Unfortunately, her son has been ordered to arrest him. All of these complicated conflicts are symbolized by the humble skylight in a commoner’s dwelling that brings darkness and light as a rope is pulled to move a wooden shutter covering the window.

YUKIKEISEI【The Snow Courtesan】
The roles of top-ranking courtesans were considered most difficult for onnagata female role specialists since they had to create the sense of delicate femininity even though they were men. There are many dances featuring a keisei or top-ranking courtesan. They were very cultured and it took fabulous amounts of money to engage them for the evening. This particular dance shows a beautiful courtesan against a snowy landscape and sets off her romantic image with various figures from the pleasure quarters, some actually the spirits of the snow.

NODA-BAN: NEZUMI KOZO【The Noda Version: The Story of the Thief Nezumi Kozo】
Noda Hideki is one of the most noted figures in the contemporary Japanese theater and is famous for his fast-paced comic plays full of word plays. He has collaborated with Nakamura Kanzaburo several times to create new Noda-style kabuki plays and this is an encore performance of his second kabuki creation. Nezumi Kozo was famous as a thief who crept over the tile roofs of Edo to break into the storehouses of the wealthy and redistributed the gold coins to the poor. This version of the story features a stingy coffin maker who through chance becomes a thief like Nezumi Kozo and is forced to toss gold coins from the sky even though he would rather die than give anyone anything for free.

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NYT: Guilty Pleasures of Comic Kabuki

Naka1190 Naka2190 NYTによる「平成中村座ニューヨーク公演」法界坊のレビューを読むには、「NYT070719Kabuki.pdf」をダウンロード 。Guilty pleasureという表現があったとは知らなかった。「やましいなぁと思いながらも楽しいと思う心」のことかしら。

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Enbujo Theatre, Evening Show

 1) Husband and Wife Mountain, a Guide for Women, 2) The Sumida River and the Shadow of a Sequel.  Kinnosuke was really good.

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 歌舞伎座2月は仮名手本忠臣蔵、よっ、音羽屋。夜の部(4時半開演)の最初は五段目、六段目。早野勘平(菊五郎)、斧定九郎(梅 玉)、不破数右衛門(左團次)、女房お軽(玉三郎) と豪華。梅玉の定九郎が見もの。

Dvd103_2B000i0rncu01_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_v41631814_  なお、memo to self。歌舞伎名作撰『仮名手本忠臣蔵』の勘三郎・歌右衛門の五段目、六段目はだいたい合わせて115分、つまり約2時間。日本語解説&セリフ字幕が選べる。なお、『勘九郎箱』の勘九郎・玉三郎の五段目、六段目だと110分。こちらのほうがモダンかな。

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