The Marketing over "The Hunger Games"

WSJ article and the book itself.



 岡村さん、沖縄方言よくできました、と思う。山下達郎30秒スポット映像拝見。Wired cafe、新鮮なのは、ウェイター/ウェイトレスの人々がいかにも「自然」にお客さんと会話している点。往復交通時間が映画観賞時間と同じでしたというのがKaoriさんの発言。たしかに長旅でした。

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High Noon and The Wizard of OZ

  I watched both High Noon and The Wizard of OZ.  High Noon is somehow famous in Japan because Prime Minister Koizumi is the ardent fan of the movie.  It was said that he told President Bush that Japan was Grace Kelly in that movie.  Well, High Noon is the movie of one brave man and many cowards, or the movie of one irrational man and many rational people.

  Then, I also watched The Wizard of OZ.  This movie is famous for Latin-Americanist economists just because of one article written by none other than Carlos Diaz-Alejandro.  I did not know that the phrase "I'm not in Kansas any more." appeared in the early part of the show.  I wonder how many times Judy Garland pronounced Kansas in the movie.

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Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) (2009)

Abrazosrotos  Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) (2009).  Superb hyper-melodrama by Pedro Almodóvar.  New York Times reviews here

El País review is  I have to read it carefully.


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Invictus by Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon

Invictus_buddy_icon_3_96x96 Invictus by Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon.  Well-done.  I learned one expression: exceed one's own expectation.  The script was based on the book: Playing the Enemy, which I should read.  Movie review by New York Times is worth a look.

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Movie: "This is it!"

Michaeljacksonthisisit_wallpaper_80  Movie: "This is it!"  What MJ and his company wanted to create was not a mere concert, but a gorgeous show.  We could enjoy watching the process through it was just about to come into being.  This documentary film is a must-see movie of our time.  I enjoyed all the performances of music players, singers and dancers, especially the drum of Jonathan Moffett.

Postscript: This site offers valuable information.

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vcb Movie: Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  邦題:『それでも恋するバルセロナ』。Just in case you need a laugh, and at the same time you happen to understand both English and Spanish more or less, this is a must-see movie.  I had lots of laughs, which probably annoyed others in the theater.  I am so sorry.  This movie has a very good and superficial script.  I'd love to memorize all the parts Javier Bardem said in English just for fun.

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Movie: Imelda

  Documentary Movie: Imelda.  I may see this.

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Poster03  『サマーウォーズ』。上田城は地図でしか出てきませんが、良い城でした。別所温泉は良い所でした。最後の吹き上がる温泉を見ながら思い出しました。たしかに、『夏休み』+『あこがれの先輩』+『田舎と超ハイテク』の映画でした。今度は『冬休み』+『可愛い後輩』+『都会とローテク』の映画も作ってもらいたいものです。この夏は『溺れる家族』と共に、考えさせる良い家族物を二つ観ました。上田市はこの映画で町おこしを狙っているとのこと。

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