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November Grand Kabuki, Evening Show

"KANADEHON CHUSHINGURA -The Treasure of 47 Loyal Retainers,-"

Acts 5 and 6: The Yamazaki Highway and Kampei's Suicide
Kampei lives a poor life with Okaru at her parents' rural home. Kampei desperately wants to take part in the vendetta against Moronao, but must come up with the money necessary to finance his part in it. Secretly, Okaru and her family decide that the only way to raise the money is to sell her to the pleasure quarters. On a lonely highway, a highway thief named Sadakuro kills her father while he is on the way home from sealing the deal and the money is stolen. In a bizarre twist of events, Kampei kills the robber while hunting on a dark night and finds the money. The fabric of the wallet, though, seems to prove that he has murdered his father-in-law. Kampei commits ritual suicide to take responsibility, not only for the death of this father-in-law, but also for being absent when his lord needed him most.
Act 7: The Ichiriki Teahouse
Yuranosuke spends his days and nights in the pleasure quarters of Kyoto in an effort to make Moronao believe he is not planning a vendetta. His acting is so good that even men in his own group believe he has given his life up to pleasure. Moronao is not so easily convinced, though, and has sent spies, including a former retainer of Enya Hangan, to find Yuranosuke's true intentions. Yuranosuke finds himself tested to the limits by the spy, and is even forced to eat meat on the anniversary of Hangan's death, a strong taboo. Okaru, now a courtesan, is also at the Ichiriki Teahouse. She catches a glimpse of a letter to Yuranosuke detailing plans for the vendetta, but he sees her and offers to buy out her contract, knowing he must kill her to keep the vendetta a secret. Okaru's brother Heiemon, a servant in the Hangan household, has also come to the teahouse and when he hears that Yuranosuke is to buy out her contract, he realizes his true intentions. Heiemon tries to convince Okaru to let him kill her as such an act may allow him to take part in the vendetta as well. Hearing that Kampei is now dead, Okaru agrees, but observing their loyal actions, Yuranosuke spares Okaru and allows Heiemon to join the vendetta.
Act 11: The Attack on Moronao's Mansion
Disguised as firemen, Enya Hangan's retainers attack Moronao's mansion on a snowy night. After a fierce fight, they find Moronao hiding in a charcoal shed and take revenge for their lord's wrongful death.


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Posted by: HY | 2009.11.23 at 01:14 AM

 さて、12月は宮藤官九郎が歌舞伎の脚本・演出に初めて挑む『大江戸りびんぐでっど』が昼の部の最後にありますし、夜の部にも野田英樹の脚本・演出の『野田版 鼠小僧』の再演があります。こういうのも歌舞伎なんで目が広がると思います。それぞれ、その前の踊り『身替座禅』、『雪傾城』と併せて見ると歌舞伎舞踊も楽しめて、いいんじゃないでしょうか。サークルの番外企画とかにも、『歌舞伎座さよなら公演』、ご参考までにね。

Posted by: ひさまつ | 2009.11.23 at 07:55 AM

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