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October Grand Kabuki, Matinee

Shigenoi (Shigenoi's Parting from her Son)
This play was adapted from the Bunraku puppet theater and was written by its greatest playwright, Chikamatsu Monzaemon. A young horse driver is invited to help cheer up a little princess. But the boy happens to be the son of the princess's nurse, Shigenoi (Fukusuke). She was forced to abandon him since he was the result of a forbidden relationship. Now she must turn her back on him again to keep any shame from falling on the princess.
YAKKO DOJOJI (Male Dojoji)
Musume Dojoji is based on a legend about a woman transformed into a serpent out of jealousy and who destroys a temple bell keeping her from the object of her love. The original dance shows the spirit of the woman who appears at Dojoji temple as a dancer who wants to celebrate the dedication of a new bell and does a series of dances showing the many faces of femininity. In this version the dancer is revealed to be a man in disguise and, in the highlight of the dance, transforms the romantic highpoint of the original piece into a comic scene by using masks. Starring Shoroku.
SAKANAYA SOGORO (Sogoro, the Fish Seller)
Sogoro (Kikugoro), a fish seller, has taken a vow to not drink, but when he learns about his sister's unjust murder at the hands of a daimyo lord, a death that they were told was execution for her wrongdoing, he starts to drink again. Drunk, he storms into the lord's mansion to seek an apology. This play by Meiji playwright Kawatake Mokuami is known for its realistic portrayal of members of the common class during the Edo period and highlights their fierce pride and frustration at the privileges of the dominant samurai class.
FUJI MUSUME (The Wisteria Maiden)
The spirit of wisteria blossoms dances of love in the form of a beautiful young maiden. One of kabuki's most famous and colorful dances, it will feature the dancing skills of Living National Treasure Shikan.


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