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August Grand Kabuki, Third Performance

MOMIJIGARI (The Demoness at the Autumn Foliage Party)
One of the most beautiful and spectacular dance plays in the kabuki repertory. A great general (Hashinosuke) is traveling through the mountains while the autumn leaves are at their height. Mysteriously, a princess (Kantaro) invites him to join a party and all drink and celebrate. In fact, this princess is a demon and is waiting for the moment when the general will fall asleep and she can attack. She lulls them to sleep with a spectacular series of dances.
This is a retelling of Verdi's opera Aida as a kabuki history play directed by Noda Hideki, who is famous for his colorful staging and fast and funny movement and dialogue. All the characters of the original have been transformed into kabuki characters: Aida becomes Princess Aida, Radames becomes Kimura Damesukezaemon, Amneris becomes Princess Noh.
It is the age of the warring states and a battle between the Owari and Mino domains has ended in victory for the Mino domain and the defeated lord Oda Nobuhide (Mitsugoro) has been forced to send his beautiful daughter Princess Aida (Shichinosuke) as a hostage to victorious Saito Dosan (Yajuro) and she is forced to become maid to his daughter Princess Noh (Kanzaburo). Dosan wants his daughter to marry Kimura Damesukezaemon (Hashinosuke), the most powerful of his generals, but Damesukezaemon is in love with Aida. When she learns of this, Princess Noh is filled with jealousy and at the same time, Aida's father Nobuhide plots his revenge on the Mino clan.


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