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マンキューのポスト。Crimson writes:

The architects and practitioners of Gen Ed agree: the new curriculum needs to focus on subject matter before method, areas of knowledge before ways of knowing.

なるほどね、私の意見は違うけど。Subject matter with method, areas of knowledge combined with ways of knowingが重要だと思うけどね。Crimson誌で参照されている経済学部のご意見はすべてごもっとものように聞こえる。そして、歴史学者のご意見もごもっとも。Crimson writes again:

One of Gen Ed’s stated missions is to tie what students learn in the classroom to their lives in the present.

私も歴史学部の方と共にこれには賛成。しかし、歴史って重要よね。さて、ハーバードのGeneral Educationの文書を見ると、こう書いてある。

Given the rationale and goals of general education outlined above, we propose that the Faculty adopt a system of general education in which students are required to take one halfcourse in each of the following eight categories:
• Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding
• Culture and Belief
• Empirical Reasoning
• Ethical Reasoning
• Science of Living Systems
• Science of the Physical Universe
• Societies of the World
• The United States in the World


But Kloppenberg said that unlike some of his colleagues, he is confident that historical study will play a role in five categories: U.S. in the World, Culture and Belief, Ethical Reasoning, Societies of the World, and Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding.

なるほどね。私もごもっともと思う。ethical reasoningの素養が乏しいので、ちょっとサーチしてみたらこれが出た。universalism, utilitarianism, and personalism、なるほど。なんかKant批判の本を最近読んだなぁ、なんだったけ、、、。健忘症、、、。そうそう、Binmoreだった。ゲーム理論ってどこに入れますかね。審美的・解釈的な理解(悟性)でしょうか。


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