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Grand Kabuki April, Evening Show

SHOGUN EDO O SARU (The Shogun's Surrender)
This modern play by Mayama Seika is part of a trilogy about the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate. The shogunate official Yamaoka Tetsutaro (Hashinosuke) has already pleaded successfully to the imperial forces for the life of the shogun in return for his surrender. But the shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu (Mitsugoro) begins to reconsider and now Yamaoka must plead with the shogun to surrender without a struggle as he promised or he will run the risk of having the entire country fall into civil war.
KANJINCHO (The Subscription List)
It is one of the most popular plays in the kabuki repertory and shows the general Yoshitsune and a small band of men fleeing from the wrath of his brother, now the ruler of the land. His brother has set up barriers throughout the country and as they encounter one, they only get through due to the wily stratagems of Yoshitsune's companion, the warrior priest Benkei (Nizaemon). Benkei disguises Yoshitsune (Tamasaburo) as a humble porter and claims that they are priests collecting funds to build a temple. Togashi (Kanzaburo), the keeper of the barrier, challenges them and the play is a tense battle of wits between the two.
UKARE SHINJU (The Happy Love Suicide)
Based on a novel by contemporary writer Inoue Hisashi, this is a parody of all serious love suicide plays and finally ends with the main characters flying through the air on their way to the underworld. Full of thrills and comedy and with popular star Kanzaburo making a rare flight through the theater.


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