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Reading Niall Ferguson's Empire (Part 10)

Chapter 6: Empire for Sale (-p.294).

J.A. Hobson's profoundly influential Imperialism: A Study, published in 1902. (p.283)

Hobson as contemporary reading.

Most of the huge flows of money from Britain's vast stock of overseas investments flowed to a tiny elite of, at most, a few hundred thousand people. (p.285)

Chamberlain's vision of a people's Empire seemed to have dissolved in the face of the old, insular fundamentals of British domestic politics: cheap bread plus moral indignation. (p.287)

Chapter 6.

Traditional accounts of 'decolonization' tend to give the credit (or the blame) to the nationalist movements within the colonies, from Sinn Fein in Ireland to Congress in India. (p.295)

(T)he correct comparison must be between these other empires and the British Empire as it was in the twentieth century. (p.296)

Well, in the current global warning problem, developing countries would resist this type of correct comparison.

It was the staggering cost of fighting these imperial rivals that ultimately ruined the British Empire. (p.298)


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