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YOSHITSUNE SENBON ZAKURA (Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees): Evening Show

At evening show, all the actors were superb.  I like Takataro, not to mention of Nizaemon and Kikugoro.  I wonder how many times more I could see Otowaya perform his stylish 4-no-kiri. 

Konomi, Kokingo Uchijini (The Chestnut Tree and the Death of Kokingo)
Wakaba-no-Naishi (Tozo), the wife of the Heike commander Koremori, travels with her young son and their retainer Kokingo (Senjaku), searching for her husband. While resting in a small mountain village, they are met by Gonta (Nizaemon), a local bully who skillfully cons them out of their money. Later they are set upon by Genji forces, and in a spectacular fight scene, Kokingo sacrifices himself to save his mistress and her son.
Sushiya (The Sushi Shop)
Gonta's father Yazaemon (Sadanji) runs a sushi shop, but was formerly a retainer of Taira no Koremori. With his clan defeated, Koremori (Tokizo) now lives with Yazaemon's family disguised as a humble apprentice. Innocently, Yazaemon's daughter, Osato (Takataro) is in love with him. But knowing of the bounty on Koremori's head, her brother Gonta kills him and turns his wife and child over to the Genji commander. Furious at his son, Yazaemon stabs him, but before his death, Gonta reveals that he only pretended to kill Koremori and sacrificed his own wife and son to save the real Koremori and his family.
Kawatsura Hogen Yakata (The Mansion of the Priest Kawatsura)
Yoshitsune (Baigyoku) has taken refuge in the mountains of Yoshino at the mansion of an old ally. Tadanobu (Kikugoro) arrives but has no recollection of Shizuka being placed under his care. Shizuka (Fukusuke) herself soon arrives with the other Tadanobu and after an investigation they discover that he is actually a fox (Kikugoro). In a touching story, the fox tells how he took on human form to be close to the hand drum which is made from the skins of his fox parents.


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